Where can I buy your artificial grass

We have several appointed dealers in the GCC that can be find via our website royalgrass.com.
If you like our advice regarding the most suitable installer feel free to contact our Dubai office.

Does your artificial grass smell?

No, once installed our artificial grass does not smell. Important is that Royal Grass® is installed with a good subbase that drains water to prevent any smell on the long term.

Are Royal Grass® artificial grasses made in the Netherlands?

Are Royal Grass® artificial grasses made in the Netherlands? Yes our artificial grass is made in Holland (Netherlands) and our manufacturing facility is located in Genemuiden. Our Royal Grass® dealer can provide you with a copy of the certificate of origin. How are artificial grasses developed in Holland? Artificial grass manufacturer Landscape Solutions B.V. from…


What is the warranty for your products in the GCC?

What is the artificial grass warranty for Royal Grass® products in the GCC?   All customers of Royal Grass® in the Middle East get an expiring warranty of 9 years on all defects that can be attributed to the production of the artificial grass. The exact appearance of your artificial lawn over time is hard…


7 reasons why children prefer artificial grass

As an adult, you can think of many reasons why you would choose artificial grass. It stays green, is practical, hardly distinguishable from natural grass, easy, multifunctional, hardly requires any maintenance, etc.


Subbase of synthetic turf

Different names for the subsurface of artificial grass are being used, like substructure, foundation, subsoil or sub base. They all refer to the same thing.