Perfect artificial lawn for your garden

Regardless of the season, you can enjoy your green artificial lawn every day throughout the year. This original grass carpet will last for a long period of time with almost no maintaining needed. On top of that, it will look amazing and represents a beautiful addition to any garden.

Royal Grass® is able to provide an incredible range of top quality artificial grasses that are particularly created for landscaping and different private purposes. Synthetic grass incredibly reminds of its natural counterpart! Artificial grass is your ideal investment as it is incredibly durable, very simple to maintain and clean and can be placed at any location.


  • Royal Grass® reminds very much of the natural grass and it is incredibly soft
  • Royal Grass®’ affiliates are completely trained to place out artificial grass at any location in your garden
  • There is no need for watering, mowing or fertilizing
  • We offer a warranty of 9 years, in accordance with the intensity of the sunlight at the install location
  • Durability of artificial grass is great and it will serve you for a long time
  • It is an ideal fit for any garden design
  • Royal Grass® is the best artificial grass for dogs and other pets


Royal Grass® has put a lot of effort into making its artificial lawn look aesthetically attractive. It is produced with extreme dedication and we made sure to match the height and thickness with the one that real grass has. The end result is extremely impressive, as we have produced beautiful artificial grass ideal for any setting, whether they are exposed to the Sun or not.


Royal Grass® is extremely safe and smooth but offers great durability. Whether your children are jumping on it or your dog is rolling around, be sure that our grass can take it. Just think about having a Jacuzzi or a swimming pool completely encircled with artificial lawn! It’s beautiful. We are sure that various examples of a great use of Royal Grass® lawns come into your mind, as it adds class and luxury to all settings.


Setting up a garden consumes a lot of time and money. If you decide to invest into Royal Gras, you will make the right move and you will be granted years of satisfaction. Royal Grass® launched in 2003 and offers more than 12 years of experience and experts who are dedicated to their work. Your synthetic lawn will be installed by one of our carefully chosen affiliates, which guarantees that you will get the best possible service.

Prior to acquiring an artificial lawn, get to know different options you have at your disposal, as well as the prices. The artifical grass cost may vary and you need to take into account total price of the project, which means not only the price of the grass itself but also the groundwork and installment.

You want to get an artificial lawn for your garden but you are not familiar with the installment process? Learn more about installing of Royal Grass® by one of our affiliates.


There are many people out there who think acquiring artificial grass is not a good idea, don’t think you are the only one. You should take into account that there are various kinds of artificial grass, and you should choose according to your needs. Synthetic grass offers numerous benefits and many advantages, as you can read on this page. Take a look and assure yourself that our grass look completely natural and there is nothing ‘fake’ about it.


Almost no maintenance with a whole lot of enjoyment, that’s what Royal Grass® is offering. With natural grass, you will achieve the needed growth if you water it on a regular basis, but just a couple of drought weeks will completely wither it. On the other hand, too much rain will force your grass to grow over the roof! This is why it is easier when grass doesn’t grow, which is the case with artificial lawns regardless to the weather. It doesn’t have any problems with the sunlight or the rain, it looks amazing at any second. As for the leaves and weeds, you can just remove them without endangering the grass’ structure. Royal Grass® offers artificial lawns of exceptional quality. Our manufacturer TenCate provides state-of-the-art V-shaped fibers which keep their beautiful green shade throughout the years. We believe in our product and we offer you a minimum of 8 years warranty, perhaps even longer if the UV strength at your place is not that big. Any installing of the artificial lawns will be handled by our skilled and carefully chosen affiliates.